Custom CNC Technology

Custom CNC Milling and Woodworking

H.F. Millwork offers 3D laser scanning and CNC wood and foam carving to exactly reverse engineer shapes for the reproduction of architectural details. We have fully incorporated technology into the woodworking business and expanded the use of this technology to provide services and items to other disciplines.

We have both a 3D laser scanner and a 3D white light scanner. The laser scanner is a Polhemus FastScan Scorpion unit that can scan objects and produce watertight mesh files. The white light scanner can scan smaller objects with high resolution. Both scanners create mesh files that can be used for documentation or englarged/reduced for scale model reproductions of the original.

Our two CNC machines can carve complex shapes with good dimensional accuracy. The conventional flatbed machine can cut pieces up to 48" x 96" and up to 12" thick and can be modified to carve larger pieces as necessary. The large lathe/indexer can carve items that will fit inside a 48" diameter x 24' (yes, feet) envelope. Originally developed for large column work, this machine has the capability of carving non-cylindrical objects and can do almost any shape. It is also expandable as necessary to fit larger pieces. Please contact us with your needs. We can frequently fabricate things that you woulnd't think our equipment could do using the techniques we have developed.