Custom CNC Technology

Maquette Enlargement & Sculpture

We can help you to reduce or enlarge your maquettes or existing pieces, or duplicate them exactly in wood or foam. We can produce items that you design with 3D design software or scan the existing items and send you 3D mesh files of your piece that you can manipulate and modify as necesary. Patterns for casting in ceramics or metals can also be made from existing objects, and scaled up as necesary to account for casting shrinkage. We have also done the "rough out" work for wood sculptors to save time and effort. The piece can then be finished with mallet and chisel.  

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Maquette Enlargement, Sculpture Enlargement, Digital Enlargement   Crow Sculpture Enlargement, in Wood
New York
Maquette Enlargement, Sculpture Enlargement, Digital Enlargement

2:1 maquette enlargement from paper mache sculpture of crow, milled in wood, maquette and wood sculpture shown for comparison.