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Laser Scanning

Terra Cotta Finial
Honeoye Falls Millwork now offers on-site laser scanning of existing architectural elements. We can furnish instant, real time CNC files (3D images and databases), suitable for reproduction in any material. We use a portable, lightweight laser scanner (FastSCAN, manufactured by Polhemus of Burlington, VT) that produces minutely detailed three dimensional surface images when the handheld laser scanning wand is swept over an object, similar to spray painting. The image immediately appears on our computer screen. We can then furnish you with CNC files in whatever format is required for your CNC program.  The scanned files are called "point cloud" files as what is actually scanned are millions of individual points on the surface of the object.  The software interprets these points and reconstructs the surface of the part.   

For an example, please note the picture (above right) of an original terra cotta finial and the minutely detailed 3D computer image (scroll down for bigger images). Flaws can be "edited" out in the software program, if necessary, before milling. Files can be precisely altered to allow for the shrinkage inherent in casting operations, such as terra cotta, or to furnish elements in other sizes. For instance, we had an inquiry to produce a 5 foot ice cream cone from a scan of the real thing. We have our own CNC milling capacity in wood, and can furnish scans to specialists in milling or carving other materials, such as stone, terra cotta or plaster.  Milling can be done in wood and foam.  The resulting surface is an exact duplication of the original and only needs minor sanding to remove the very fine tool marks.  For example, the Crow project (see below) came out just as you see it with about 20 min of hand sanding added!

This compact scanning system fits in a briefcase, and can be taken up on scaffolds or to other inaccessible areas. An example of the portability and utility of this system are shown below as Jim Turner of HFM scans the back side of a carved wood angel on top of the organ in the Church of the Dominicans in Vilnius, Lithuania (detailed here on our custom millwork and architectural restoration website).

The versatility of this system is virtually (pun intended) endless as CNC milling can be applied to any material that can be milled or cast: stone, terra cotta, concrete, wood, metal, etc. Below, you can see a cemetery angel carved in marble. The original was scanned by us and the files furnished to a stone carver, in the required format, from which were produced the beautiful reproduction seen alongside the original. As with the organ angels, these elements were roughed out by a programmed milling machine and then finished by hand.

Let us know about your challenging architectural reproduction project. We may be able to propose an innovative, money saving solution including laser scanning. Contact Jim Turner, Proprietor of Honeoye Falls Millwork, at 585-624-3340.

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Reproduction of Terra Cotta Finial   Terra Cotta Finial
New York
Reproduction of Terra Cotta Finial

A minutely detailed CNC image. Flaws can be edited out and file can be "grown", "shrunk", "stretched" or otherwise altered, as necessary.  

Reproduction of Stone (and Marble) Statuary and Architectural Stone Elements   Marble Cemetery Angel
Rougemont, North Carolina
Reproduction of Stone (and Marble) Statuary and Architectural Stone Elements

Side by side, the original damage marble angel and the reproduction. Damage and flaws can be "edited" out and repairs "edited" in.